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Self-Service Plans Explained

Software created to make social media posting easy and fast

Get more fans, followers, & customers.

Our software offers cutting edge social media tools and business solutions that will grow your business online. This software will turn your online presence into a hub that attracts new and existing customers. This software will help your business be seen and grow on social media by consistently posting new, engaging, and relevant content on your business’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Saves time and hassle with minimal work

Our software can increase your sales, imporve your customer relationships and grow your online engagement and reputatuion with minimal work on your end.

Our software will allow you to post as often as you like. You can tell the world all the great events and annoucements in an easily. For example, do you have new contracts you want people to know or an exciting sale about to start? Simply log in and schedule the itmes in our easy to use control panel. Our user friendly controll panel gives you a full suite of graphs, charts, and statistics that allow you to see the benefits of your social media campaign. 

Training videos and easy to use software

We provide training videos to explain how to use our platforms. 

Self-Service Bronze Plan

Our cutting edge software gives you the ability to self-manage your social media strategy. The Self-Service Bronze Plan offers the following:

- Automate regular tasks and schedule posts

- Ability to schedule and post industry-specific articles with RSS connection capabilities

- Schedule as may posts, as far into the future, as many times as you desire

- Reinforce your brand and build your email list with Content Banner posting technology

- Gain insight into social engagement with Social Analytics. We provide easy-to-understand analytics of your social media campaigns. From insights on individual posts to new likes and followers, you will be able to track the progress of your social efforts.

Self-Service Gold Plan

You will get everything in the Self-Service Bronze Plan, Reputation Package (basic plan), and content creation to help create engaging deals, sweepstakes, and online shopping solutions. With the Self-Service Gold Plan you will always have something to promote that your customers want all while growing your email marketing list. With Self-Service Gold Plan you will get the following:

- Everything in the Self-Service Bronze Plan

- Monitor your online reputation (ability to upgrade to stanard or pro)

- View all of your reviews on sites like yelp all in one place

- Combat negative reviews and improve your online reputation

- Build customizable sweepstakes complete with landing page

- Enage current customers, encouage social sharing, and generate excitement

- Build customizable deals complete with landing page